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Spotlight highlights new fixture at Live Design International 2016


Meet the newest edition to the Spotlight product offering: The CycloramaLED 300 RGBW.

Part of the GreenLine Series from Spotlight, this 300W fixture stands out for its particular optical system designed to provide uniform illumination of a 7m by 6m area, from a distance of only 1.5m. This unit has an adjustable colour temperature from 3000 to 6500k and the ability to be controlled by DMX or in master/slave mode. This set up allows for quick control and large installations.

The unit had an extremely wide horizontal beam and can produce an infinite range of colours thanks to the LEDs. This means you will save both in the number of luminaries needed and in the power used to run them.

The Cyclorama can easily illuminate the highest backdrop thanks to its great light beam height extension and the ability to be used from above as well as below. You will have no more dark filter fading during shows as the colours are generated directly by the light source.

The unit has a selection of up to 16 million colours and allows for the possible set up of cyan, magenta and yellow as it is compatible with subtractive colour systems.

The unit also has internal memory for playback of automatic soft sequences and chasers.

The Spotlight CycloramaLED 300 RGBW is available from exclusively Movievision. Contact us now for your quote.

For the past 28 years, Live Design International (LDI) has been the leading tradeshow and conference for live design professionals from all around the globe. LDI hosts over 12,000 attendees working in theatre, concerts, clubs, theme parks, and houses of worship and a wide range of international live and broadcast venues. The show is currently on in Las Vegas.

Filmgear Twin Kits Available from Movievision


Movievision is the exclusive supplier of the Filmgear Fluorescent and LED Flo-Box units.
These provide a lightweight, easily portable, soft-light solution. The fluorescent units are available in 4ft 4 bank, 4ft 2 bank, 2 ft 4 bank and 2 ft 2 bank versions. The Kinoflo Fluorescent Tubes to fit these fixtures are available as additional purchases.
The LED Flo Box units are available in 4 ft 4 bank, 4 ft 2 bank, 2 ft 4 bank, and 2 ft 2 banks versions. TheT12 Tubes are available in 4 ft 40W Tungsten or Daylight or 2 ft 20W Tungsten or Daylight.
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Each Fluorescent Flo Box twin kit comes with:
Two Flo-Box Lampheads
Two Electronic Ballasts
Two 7.6m Extension Cable
Two Eggcrates
Two Mounting Plates
ABS Case with Wheels

Each LED Flo Box twin kit comes with:
Two LED Lampheads
LED Flo T12 Tubes equal to the number of banks
Lamp Connectors Cables
Two Power Cables with In-line On-Off / Dimming Switch
Two Gobo heads
Carrying Case

Filmgear Flo-Boxes: your lighting solution

Filmgear’s Flo-Boxes provide a lightweight, easily portable soft light solution.
Available in a 2-bank and 4-bank as well as in a 2ft and 4ft option, these fixtures can be used for a wide range of applications.
With a colour temperature of 5500K/3200K, these LEDs have a life span of approximately 30 000 hours. They also have a dimming range of 0 to 100%.
The fixtures are compatible with the following accessories: LED Flo 4 ft T12, and LED Flo 2ft T12 Tubes (available individually in Daylight 5500K and or Tungsten 3600K), Lamp Connector Cables, Mounting Bracket with adaptors and Power Cable with in-line on / off dimming switch.

Available exclusively at Movievision.


LED Flo-Box 4 Bank 4 ft

• 160W (40W x 4)
• 95 – 265V AC/22 – 36V DC Input Voltage
• T12 40W LED Tubes
• Gobohead Back Mounting


LED Flo-Box 4 Bank 2 ft

• 80W (20W x 4)
• 95 – 265V AC/22 – 36V DC Input Voltage
• T12 20W LED Tubes
• Gobohead Back Mounting



LED Flo-Box 2 Bank 4 ft

• 80W (40W x 2)
• 95 – 265V AC/22 – 36V DC Input Voltage
• T12 40W LED Tubes
• Gobohead Back Mounting



LED Flo-Box 2 Bank 2 ft

• 40W (20W x 2)
• 95 – 265V AC/22 – 36V DC Input Voltage
• T12 20W LED Tubes
• Gobohead Back Mounting

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We’ve got a new postal address

We would like to inform all of our clients of a small change: Movievision has a new postal address!

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2016 edition of The Whole Lot Directory has arrived

The Whole Lot Directory

The Whole Lot Directory

The 22nd edition Whole Lot Directory has just been launched and the hard copy is now available for purchase.

The Whole Lot is the definitive guide to the South African film industry and is not to be missed. Sub-Saharan Africa is becoming a pivitol point for all things film from long format and documentaries to reality, TV and stills. No one can afford to be without it.

Get your copy for R550 excluding delivery costs.

Enquiries: 021 462 4523 or


Find the perfect Silver Star fixture for any application

Movievision is your number one stop for Silver Star light fixtures. Find the right fixture for any application with us.



SuperSOLAR ZE and SuperSOLAR  VW are powerful PAR 170W fixtures designed with specific target colour temperature ranges of 2700K and 9000K respectively. They have electronic zoom from 8°-40°. They combine the smooth and homogenous light of QUAD-COLOR LED with over-sized custom lenses to provide high-intensity white light suitable for most kinds of lighting application, such as concerts, theatres, TV studios and exhibitions.




is an extremely powerful, compact and rugged LED lighting fixture which is designed to provide lighting designers with a tool that will withstand all operating environments. Combining the efficiency of over-sized custom lenses with QUAD-COLOR LED technology, the SOLAR/ETZ promises not just an amazing punch but excellent colour mixing and homogenous light at the source. This 90W light is IP66 rated.



The SOLAR ze/ETZ was designed as a truly versatile unit, using the forefront of LED technology with its extremely impressive zoom range of 8°-40°. Combining the smooth and homogenous light of QUAD-COLOR LED with an output of over 1600lm, the SOLAR ze/ETZ is ideal for both rental and installation applications.



The SUPER SOLAR ze/ETZ is designed as a truly versatile unit, combining the forefront of LED technology with its impressive zoom range of 8°-40°and excellent 16bit dimming. The highly efficient QUAD-COLOR provides extremely even and smooth colour mixing and powerful lumen output. With the advanced optic design, the SUPER SOLAR ze/ETZ brings true revolution to the new generation of LED PAR products

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Kim Reed: 011 885 2042

Le Mark floors make their mark at the Summertime Ball


Images courtesy of Global Radio/PA Photos Global Radio/Andy Hughes Production North

Le Mark recently installed the stage floor for the Summertime Ball, a music spectacular that saw 80 000 fans converge at Wembley Stadium.

The event saw performances from the likes of Little Mix, Tinie Tempah, Ariana Grande and to name a few. This year’s lineup for the Summertime Ball made it one of the best live music concerts of the year so far.

While each artist brought their own performance style to the stage, it was Le Mark’s exceptionally versatile Harmony™ Dance Floor that blanketed the stage with a beautifully smooth white surface. Harmony’s multi-purpose construction allowed the artists and their dancers to perform a diverse range of dance styles all over the main stage and along the raised walk-way.

Ben Levitt of Production North Ltd was full of praise for Le Mark’s services: “We here at production north are so grateful for the amazing service that we get from Le Mark. Even at 10pm on a Friday evening when we were in desperate need, Le Mark loaded one of our couriers with flooring and sent it to Wembley stadium to be laid for the Capital Summertime Ball at 6.30am the following Saturday morning. Sharon Marshall and her team are amazing”.”

Harmony™ Value has been used many times for live events and has proven its worth within the industry, so it was no surprise it was the go-to product.