Spotlight shines a light on James Nachtwey’s powerful photographs


Movievision is the proud supplier of Spotlight products to the South African Market. These quality fixtures recently shed light on the photographic exhibition of award-winning American photographer, James Nachtwey at the Palazzo Reale in Milan, Italy.

Titled Memory, the exhibition showcased an impressive individual and collective thought on the war theme. A total of two hundred images tell the story of our planet and were cleverly illuminated by Roberto Koch and James Nachtwey using Spotlight luminaires provided from Volume Service of G Group International.

Over 120 MI Profile and MI Fresnel fixtures were pointed at the artwork, just a little out of focus, to create an undeniable successful “back light” effect.

The exhibition at Palazzo Reale is the first international stage of a tour in the most important museums of the world.

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Studio Due lights up the Arts Centre Melbourne

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In mid-2016 Rachel Burke, along with Relume Consulting, was commissioned by Arts Centre Melbourne to upgrade her existing lighting design to the Theatre’s Building Forecourt.

The original design had served the premier cultural venue for over ten years but lamp technologies have changed drastically over that period.

It was time to replace a variety of fixed and moving head fixtures running discharge lamps with state-of-the-art LED luminaires.

After considerable research, the Studio Due CityColor 20/30 RGBW 20w and Turbo-Color RGBW 16w were recommended for site trial based on with their technical specifications.

“The fixtures appeared to meet our performance requirements in terms of output with a range of options for housing finishes and modest physical dimensions for both products,” commented Rachel.

Both the CityColor and the Turbo-Color, with anti-glare baffles and barndoor kits, were tested at a night trial for suitability, along with five other contenders.

All fixtures were mounted on Level 10 of the Theatres Building and aimed at the Forecourt between the podium and National Gallery Victoria. Each fixture was run in full white and full blue and a light meter was used to test light level in full output mode.

The Studio Due fixtures were deemed to have the best performance attributes in terms of colour, output and beam quality.

According to Rachel, the designers and the client were pleased with the measured lux level results of the CityColor and the improved intensity and quality of the colour washes on the forecourt.

“The deep blues and purples produced by this fixture were especially noteworthy, helping to link the ground plane with the spire lighting scheme above and with the Hamer Hall facade.”

Wide and narrow lens options were subsequently trialled on a second night to ascertain the most appropriate beam angles for a range of throw distances from the two forecourt poles.

“The Studio Due CityColor LED exceeded our performance expectations and six fixtures were ordered in a combination wide and narrow lenses for installation and programming,” Rachel commented. “The results of the new scheme have delighted Arts Centre Melbourne visitors and users whilst colourfully and creatively reinvigorated this landmark point of arrival.”

Supplied by Studio Due

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